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  From the daily use of the full-automatic feeding mixer, it will be found that the tank body is getting smaller and smaller. The reason for the bad cleaning materials is that they are stuck in the tank wall. Next, I want to introduce the method to prevent the tank sticking of the self feeding mixer.
  1. 随身携带减水剂
  1. Carry water reducing agent with you
  Water reducing agent is a kind of concrete admixture which can reduce the mixing water consumption under the condition of keeping the concrete slump constant. However, when adding water reducing agent, it is necessary to remember the existence of commercial concrete station laboratory, otherwise the concrete quality and strength are not enough, and the driver shall bear the consequences.
  2. 检查水箱里的水量
  2. Check the water volume in the water tank
  Every time you get off the train and return to the station, check the water in the water tank. Make sure that the water tank is full at all times for rainy days.
  3. Check the quality of concrete before leaving the factory
  The quality of concrete may vary from plate to plate, depending on the material. When the loaded concrete leaves the site, it is necessary to check the collapse degree of the concrete in the tank and the convenience of handling, and be careful of the early setting of the concrete and the layered sedimentation of the concrete.
  4. 减少车辆行驶时间
  4. Reduce vehicle driving time
  The concrete transportation distance is generally within 30km in diameter. According to the vehicle planning route and vehicle traffic conditions, the vehicle driving time on the road shall be minimized.
  5. 减少损耗,先排出物料
  5. Reduce losses and discharge materials first
  In case of artificial or irresistible factors that make it impossible to unload for a long time, the concrete in the tank shall be checked at any time. Once it is found that the concrete starts to set. Report to the person in charge immediately after unloading to prevent the whole tank from being scrapped.
  The above is the method to prevent the tank sticking of the full-automatic feeding mixer. We can avoid this problem to a large extent after learning, improve our work efficiency and reduce the loss of materials.


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