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The common problem of automatic feeding mixer is material blockage. How to avoid this situation? Let's introduce it to you.
1. Unreasonable loading and unloading time parameters
Since the automatic feeder cannot be equipped with a material level machine in the silo, the industry basically has time control. How to set the time parameter? The setting of loading and unloading time is actually very simple. In the first use, set an hour first, and then slowly add it according to each suction position. When the material level reaches the suction port, subtract one second to be a reasonable time. The discharging time is to ensure that one second is added after discharging. This has two advantages: first, too high material level will do great harm to the filter element. Some of our customers can use one filter element for two years and some for half a year. Second, the material can be discharged every time. When the blanking valve is closed, there will be no closing valve with material. The closing valve with material will do great harm to the sealing ring that works frequently without opening and closing five or six times a minute.
2. Whether the feeding amount at the inlet of the automatic feeding mixer is reasonable
Many of our projects use manual material gun to suck materials. In order to facilitate the operation, the material gun is directly inserted into the material barrel or ton bag. The material suction port of the material gun is compressed by tight materials, and the strong negative pressure pulls away the full materials, which is very harmful to the feeding machine and is very easy to block the pipeline. The correct way is that the material forms a certain gas-material mixing ratio with the air at the suction port, and flows evenly into the feeder under the push of the air flow. At this time, we need to design the material gun with air replenishment function. If the material backlog is too long, it may be very hard. At this time, an oscillator needs to be installed on the material gun to break the caked materials.
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