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At present, there are two main ways for manufacturers to deal with the rust prevention of the steel water tank of the self loading mixer:
One is galvanizing treatment, which is sent to the galvanizing plant for electroplating after the water tank of the feeding mixer is completed. This method has high cost and time-consuming.
二是企业自行做防腐处理,酸洗除锈→浸泡磷化液中→水箱内倒入防锈漆后再倒出→烘干。这种处理因不是厂家的规范操作,质量就难以得到保证。关键是目前大多数专用车企业没有酸洗、磷化工装,基本上未对自上料搅拌车钢制水箱做防腐处理。钢铁生锈的反应机理为铁分子与空气中的氧气、水发生氧化反应,所以只要有空气和水的存在,钢制水箱生锈就在所难免。好在为了保证标准压力下水箱的强度,所用钢板至少有 厚度,因此水箱在使用寿命内不容易因锈蚀而漏水,即使坏了,维修或更换也较方便,且价格低廉。
Second, the enterprise shall carry out anti-corrosion treatment by itself, pickling and derusting → soaking in phosphating solution → pouring antirust paint into the water tank and then pouring it out → drying. Because this treatment is not the standard operation of the manufacturer, the quality is difficult to be guaranteed. The key is that at present, most special vehicle enterprises do not have pickling and phosphorus chemical equipment, and basically do not do anti-corrosion treatment for the steel water tank of self loading mixer truck. The reaction mechanism of steel rust is the oxidation reaction between iron molecules and oxygen and water in the air. Therefore, as long as there is air and water, the rust of steel water tank is inevitable. Fortunately, in order to ensure the strength of the water tank under standard pressure, the steel plate used is at least thick, so the water tank is not easy to leak due to corrosion within its service life. Even if it is broken, it is convenient to repair or replace, and the price is low.
Precautions for self loading mixer during unloading:
1. Let the mixing tank run at full speed for one or two minutes since the loading mixer is unloaded. Allow the concrete to be fully mixed. If necessary, add some water to make the concrete mix more evenly and facilitate unloading.
2. Wet the chute of the discharge hopper before discharging. When discharging, park the car on the flat ground as far as possible. Wet the chute of the discharge hopper before discharging to facilitate cleaning.
3. Don't be careless in discharging and have a good relationship with the discharging worker. Watch by yourself when discharging, so as to prevent the discharging worker from operating the discharging operation lever disorderly. Stop every time when the tank of the charging mixer is in the middle position of forward and reverse rotation, so as to protect the reducer, supporting wheel, etc. Make a good relationship with the discharging worker and don't sleep too well during unloading. In case the worker is in a mood, put your self loading mixer on the construction site and don't turn the tank, resulting in the trouble of stuffy tank.
4. The mixing tank of the self loading mixer must be washed carefully. When washing the jar, wash it carefully, and repeat the positive and negative rotation of the water twice, and then release it. In one trip, put all the water in the water tank into the jar, and then return to the station to add water to clean the jar.
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