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The next article mainly shares with you about: how can the hydraulic oil of small concrete mixer be more environmentally friendly?
1.混凝土搅拌车全部展开各支腿油缸,包括摆动、伸缩(伸出和缩进 比喻在一定限度内的变通)、垂直油缸等;臂架因场地、时效等因素局限,仅展开(全展)大臂油缸,其余臂架油缸收缩到位;活塞杆巡查:检查泵送油缸活塞杆是否有拉伤迹象,如有则更换;检查油箱各油口连接处,是否有漏油、开裂等现象。
1. The concrete mixer truck shall fully expand each outrigger oil cylinder, including swing, expansion (extension and retraction are compared with the flexibility within a certain limit), vertical oil cylinder, etc; Due to the limitation of site, time and other factors, only the boom oil cylinder is expanded (fully extended), and the other boom oil cylinders are retracted in place; Piston rod inspection: check whether the piston rod of pumping oil cylinder has signs of strain, and replace it if any; Check whether there is oil leakage, cracking and other phenomena at the connection of each oil port of the oil tank.
2. Oil drainage
Drain the hydraulic oil from the pumping oil cylinder of the small concrete mixer, and remove the concrete piston and pumping oil cylinder without rod or link valve block; Drain the oil of closed system and open system, and drain the oil in the oil cylinder rod cavity and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank.
3. Clean the oil tank of small pump truck, remove the waterproof diaphragm at the bottom of the oil tank, clean the hydraulic oil tank with diesel or kerosene, suck out the excess oil with sponge, and then paste the impurities in the oil tank with dough.
4. Clean the components, hydraulic valve, valve block, oil tank waterproof diaphragm, filter shell and multi-way valve.
5. Fill hydraulic oil
6. Oil drainage of pumping and mixing hydraulic system
7. Oil drainage of distribution system
8. Drain the oil from the oil drain pipeline. In order to ensure that the oil in the oil tank can flush the oil drain pipeline smoothly, the joint of the removed oil drain pipeline is lower than the liquid level of the oil tank.
9. The hydraulic system of the boom of the truck pump truck of the concrete mixer is drained. Because the boom oil cylinder is extended in place and the other oil cylinders are retracted in place before oil drainage, only one chamber of all boom oil cylinders is filled with oil; The volume of oil contained in the other chamber is very small and can be ignored due to the extension and contraction of the oil cylinder in place.
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