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In addition to the pursuit of efficiency, many owners also pursue its low cost when they buy the concrete automatic feeding mixer. But after all, they also want to "drink oil". How can they "drink" more fuel-efficient? The following will be the old fellow who presented "concrete automatic feeding mixer car guide".
1、 检查保养
1. Inspection and maintenance
Check the filter of self feeding mixer frequently to avoid the increase of fuel consumption due to local blockage of filter. At the same time, check the tire pressure regularly to avoid the increase of resistance with the mainland due to insufficient air pressure and waste of fuel. If the tire is worn seriously, it needs to be replaced with a new one.
2、 正确驾驶
2. Driving correctly
In the process of driving the automatic feeding mixer, do not accelerate suddenly, otherwise it will increase the engine power and consume fuel. The speed should not be too low or too fast. Try to keep driving at medium speed to save fuel and avoid emergency braking.
3、 不要超载
3. Don't overload
If the load of the automatic feeding mixer exceeds the rated load, it will increase when the load increases, so it is necessary to keep it within the rated load during driving, which not only saves fuel, but also has high safety.
Mixer driver master master grasp several aspects (regular maintenance, correct driving, etc.), pay attention to the operation details, the fuel saving mode will automatically open, at the same time, the safety is also improved. This is the way to save fuel for automatic concrete feeding mixer. If you have any other ideas in front of the screen, please leave a message in the comment area.
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