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Coolant drip
1. Adverse reaction: a pool of inexplicable liquid dripped from under the vehicle, and the level of coolant dropped.
2. Cause of disease: generally, the cause of drip leakage is the crack in the rubber tube connecting the coolant tank and the engine.
3. Green maintenance: the deterioration of the quality of coolant rust prevention, not only easy to cause damage to radiator, pipeline, hose and other components, but also because the main component of the coolant is ethylene glycol, dripping to the ground will also cause environmental and air pollution. It is difficult to judge whether the coolant is deteriorated by visual inspection, so it is necessary to replace the coolant regularly, and do not wait for the failure to repair. It is generally recommended that the coolant of small concrete mixer should be replaced every 40000 km or 2 years, and the cooling fan belt should be replaced every 2 years.
Power performance degradation
1. Adverse reactions: engine power performance decreased, fuel consumption increased, nozzle clogging.
2. Cause of disease: it is likely that the oil, oil filter, air filter and gasoline (diesel) oil filter have not been changed for a long time in the small concrete mixer truck, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion and more carbon deposition in the engine.
It is recommended to replace the oil filter and air filter every 5000km, which will affect the normal operation of the engine oil filter and air filter every 5000km.
Do not start the engine
1. Adverse reaction: multiple ignition, the engine does not start.
2. Cause of disease: the starting of the engine of the small concrete mixer is completed by the spark plug ignition driven by the current of the battery. Therefore, the failure of the starting system is likely due to battery rust or battery liquid leakage.
3. Green maintenance: check whether the battery liquid in the battery is sufficient every 1 ~ 2 months. If not, add distilled water to a proper height. At present, most of the passenger cars use maintenance free batteries, and it is not allowed to add water without authorization. In addition, check whether the positive and negative terminals of the battery are rusty or dirty every year.
Increased exhaust noise
1. Adverse reaction: the noise of engine exhaust increases, and the exhaust emission exceeds the standard.
2. Cause of disease: the exhaust gas of the engine is oxidized by high temperature, which may lead to the leakage of exhaust system.
3. Green maintenance: check whether the exhaust system pipeline and interface (especially muffler) are corroded by exhaust gas, and whether the interface pad is damaged. In case of leakage of exhaust system of small concrete mixer truck, repair or replace the leaking parts in time. Inspection once a year can not only ensure the normal operation of the exhaust system, but also reduce the pollution of the exhaust gas to the environment.
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