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  The tires of small concrete mixer often contact with the ground and are often subject to great pressure, so there are very strict requirements for tires, and the mixer must replace the tires in time after using for a period of time. One of the necessary steps to replace a tire is to take the tire apart. So how do we take it apart?
  1、 When removing the tire, it should be stopped in a clean, flat, dry, hard and oil free air to avoid sand, debris, etc. falling on the inner wall of the outer tube or adhering to the outer surface of the inner tube, damaging the inner tube, and preventing the oil stain from adhering to the tire and corroding the tire.
  2、 The removal of small concrete mixer tires should be operated or guided by experienced personnel. It is not allowed to knock and hit randomly, so as to avoid sharp edges, dents, cracks and other defects on the wheel rim. The wheel rim should be kept clean to avoid corrosion damage.
  3、 Only use special tools and crowbars to stop disassembly and assembly, and stop using sharp tools such as screwdrivers.
  4、 Disassembly method. Let off the air in the tire, screw out the valve core with the valve cap, screw down the valve fixing nut, step on the side of the outer tire with both feet or hit the side of the outer tire with a hammer to make the tire bead separate from the rim edge and enter into the groove in the middle of the rim, and push the valve into the rim. Insert the crowbar between the bead rims at the left side of the valve, pry up the tire bead, and at the same time, tighten the tire wall of the outer tire on the opposite side of the tire prying bar, so that the outer tire moves to the groove in the middle of the rim as far as possible, and the part to be pried out shall be relaxed as far as possible.
  5、 If the tire of small concrete mixer is used for a long time and the tire rust is dead in the rim and it is not easy to take it off, the tire can be placed flat in the clean air, pry a certain gap between the tire bead and the rim with a crowbar, pour some soapy water or water into the separation part of the rim and the tire, and hammer slightly along the outer side of the L wheel rim with a hammer, so that the water can penetrate into the gap during vibration The rusty surface will be easily removed after soaking.
  The tire of small concrete mixer is connected with many accessories. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the method but also to the disassembly process. In the whole process of disassembly, remember to put the removed parts in a unified way.


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