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  When introducing the method to avoid the blocking of the automatic feeding mixer, we know some unknown problems or knowledge, but we are still unfamiliar with this industry. Today we will understand:
  1. 上料、卸料时间参数不合理:自动上料机无法进仓,行业基本有时间控制。如何设定时间参数,喂养时间的设定其实很简单,在次使用时,先设定一个小的时间,然后根据每个吸引位置慢慢添加,当达到水平的喂养吸嘴时间,再减去一个秒就是合理的时间。上料时间是保证下料后再加一秒。这样做有两个好处:一是物料水平过高对滤芯特别有害,二是每次物料都可以放干净。
  1. The loading and unloading time parameters are unreasonable: the automatic loading machine cannot enter the warehouse, and the industry basically has time control. How to set the time parameters? The feeding time setting is actually very simple. In the first use, first set a small time, and then add it slowly according to each attraction position. When the feeding suction time reaches the level, then subtract one second is the reasonable time. The feeding time is to ensure another second after blanking. There are two advantages: one is that the material level is too high, which is particularly harmful to the filter element; the other is that the material can be put clean every time.
  2. 自动上料搅拌机进料量是否合理:正确的方式是使物料在吸入喷嘴与空气之间形成一定的气-物混合比,在气流的推动下均匀地流入给料器。在这个时候,我们需要设计气功能量的物质枪。如果物料积压时间过长,可能会很困难,这时需要在料枪上安装一个自动振荡器,以避免自动上料搅拌机堵塞破碎结块物料的途径。
  2. Whether the feeding amount of the automatic feeding mixer is reasonable: the correct way is to form a certain air-material mixture ratio between the suction nozzle and the air, and flow into the feeder evenly under the promotion of the air flow. At this time, we need to design the material gun of Qigong energy. If the material overstock time is too long, it may be very difficult. At this time, an automatic oscillator needs to be installed on the material gun to avoid the automatic feeding mixer blocking the way to break the lumped material.
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