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The air conditioner from the charging mixer must be cleaned and maintained in autumn. In summer, the mixer truck uses the air conditioner with high intensity, but it turns cool in the season and autumn. The heating equipment will be started soon. Pay attention to the maintenance of the heating pipe and fan. The appearance of hoarfrost at low temperature also requires attention, such as whether the air outlet of the defrosting outlet under the windshield is normal and whether the heat is satisfied. If there is any problem, it should be handled in time. At the same time, the lower part of the condenser is inevitably stained with some sediment because vehicles often drive on the wading road, which also needs to be cleaned up in time. The door glass water guide channel should be clean. The continuous rain makes a lot of dust and acid and alkali substances flow down the water guide channel. At this time, the glass lifter will be weak, the glass will rise and fall slowly or there will be some noise of rubbing the glass.
This is caused by a lot of dust accumulated in the glass guide slot, so the glass guide slot should be cleaned. The truck driver can use a spray bottle to spray water in the guide slot, or use a cleaning agent, such as some big brands of glass guide slot reductant, to clean the guide slot, and then lift the glass up and down several times to improve the speed and lubrication! If the tread pattern is too shallow, replace the tire in time. According to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the tire cannot be fully inflated in summer due to the high temperature. In autumn, it is required to supplement the air pressure within the specified range. The tread depth should also be noted. Because the tread depth is too shallow, the friction between the tire and the ground will be reduced. It is very simple to pull off on the wet and slippery road in autumn, and the braking distance will also be extended after emergency braking. It is very simple to become an accident. Timely sort out the oxidation battery. The electrode connection of the battery pack is a problem prone place to replace in summer and autumn, so pay attention to maintenance. During the inspection, if green oxides are found at the electrode connection, remember to flush them with water. If these green oxides cannot be removed, it will lead to the lack of power generation of the generator car, leaving the battery in a state of power loss, and even lead to the early abandonment of the battery in serious cases. After washing with boiling water, dry it with compressed air, and then spray a special preservative to prevent oxidation.


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