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What is a fully automatic feeding mixer and what are its advantages?
1、 Brief introduction of fully automatic feeding mixer
The fully automatic feeding mixer is used to solve the problem that the mixer in the prior art has a single function and can only carry out the concrete conveying task. The mixing car includes a mixing car body, on which a mixing tank is installed. The mixing tank is driven and rotated by the hydraulic mechanism of the mixing car body. The mixing tank is arranged in an inclined manner. The end of the mixing tank is opened with a feeding port fixed on the mixing car body. The mixing screw is installed in the mixing tank when it rotates. Both sides of the mixing tank are symmetrically equipped with booms, and one end of the boom is hinged on the mixing car body, The mixing body is also provided with a lifting oil cylinder for driving the boom to lift; A hopper is fixed between the two booms, one end of the hopper close to the feeding port is provided with a bin door, and the hopper is provided with a discharge cylinder for controlling the opening and closing of the bin door.
The fully automatic feeding mixer is simple in structure and easy to use. It can realize the mixing, feeding and discharging of concrete without too many staff operations. It has good practicability.
2、 Advantages of fully automatic feeding mixer
1. About transportation: four-wheel drive chassis, full hydraulic transmission device, adapt to various complex terrain, and can climb 30 ° slope when fully loaded.
2. About unloading: the operator uses the operating rod to pass through the 270 ° rotary mixing drum and dump at a height of 2m around the vehicle.
3. About loading: based on the unique hinged hydraulic shovel, it can easily and accurately load ingredients; The built-in blade of the bucket can automatically
Cut the cement bag to avoid waste of raw materials; All ingredients can enter the mixing drum of the automatic mixer smoothly from the bucket.
4. About mixing: After the aggregate and cement enter the mixing drum, they can be mixed by the automatically pressurized water flow in the double buckets. The double spiral blades ensure the mixing quality and concrete quality, and are equipped with a special electronic weighing system.
5. About operation: A fully equipped cab is equipped with a pilot valve operating lever designed according to the ergonomics principle. The driver can control all the main actions through one handle


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