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1、 Excessive hot car
1. Whether in winter or other seasons, many car owners are used to idling the car in place and driving it for a period of time. They feel that the performance of the mixer is good at this time. But in fact, in situ idling hot car not only has limited effect, but also wastes gasoline and time. When the engine is under no load, the temperature climb is quite slow, that is, it takes a long time for the engine to reach the normal working temperature at idle speed. The correct approach should be to use the mixer truck, and immediately drive on the road after heating the truck in place for about 30 seconds. However, since the engine and drive system have not reached the normal operating temperature at this time, the speed should still be controlled within about 2000 rpm, and the high-speed operation can be carried out only after the water temperature reaches normal.
What problems should the mixer avoid?
2、 Still use electrical equipment after flameout
Once the mixer is turned off, the battery will be in the working state of discharging without charging. Therefore, if the high-power electrical appliances in the vehicle are still used after a long time of flameout, such as driving the vehicle headlights, parking on the roadside and listening to music for a long time, it may soon lead to the serious consequences of complete discharge of the battery and failure to start the mixer.
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