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The appearance of concrete mixer not only saves manpower, but also saves time. The important thing is that the materials are fully and evenly mixed. However, due to the good bearing capacity of the equipment and more ingredients, how can we master the error of ingredients? Let's talk about it briefly.
Check whether the mechanical parts are affected by the symmetry deviation. If the actual weight of the weighed material produced during weighing is greater than the computer weighing display value. This possibility should be ruled out first to ensure that the deformation of the gravity sensor or the displacement of the scale bucket in the gravity direction are not limited, which will not cause the deformation of the gravity sensor or the displacement of the scale bucket in the gravity direction to be limited during the weighing process, which will lead to the deviation of the measurement.
The inspection of the control error of the calibrated metering batching bin is actually the inspection of the control accuracy of the feeding device. It includes the scientificity, reliability and stability of mechanical structure and instrument operation procedure.
It can be checked and inspected one by one according to the process batching quantity and batching sequence of various materials. It is allowed to adjust relevant parameters until the batching accuracy requirements are met. It is recommended to use full-scale physical weighing, which has a small error, but it depends on the site conditions. In short, the closer to full scale, the smaller the error.
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