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Advantages of self loading concrete mixer:
(1) Wide temperature range, good anti viscosity, can add baffle, large lifting angle, easy cleaning and simple maintenance.
(2) The self loading concrete mixer is used for conveying in various environments and is suitable for various special occasions and purposes.
(3) The self loading concrete mixer has the characteristics of high strength, acid, alkali and salt water resistance, and is used for transportation in various environments.
(4) Manufacturers can customize plastic feeding machines.
Accuracy of self feeding concrete mixer:
(1) Different positioning methods have different influencing factors. For example, when the mechanical stop is positioned, the positioning accuracy is related to the stiffness of the stop and the speed when touching the stop.
(2) The positioning speed has a great influence on the positioning accuracy. This is because the energy of the moving parts to be dissipated is different when the positioning speed is different. Generally, in order to reduce the positioning error, the positioning speed should be reasonably controlled, such as improving the buffer performance and buffer efficiency of the buffer device, and controlling the driving system to decelerate the moving parts in time.
(3) The manufacturing accuracy and installation speed regulation accuracy of precision manipulator have a direct impact on the positioning accuracy.
(4) The weight of the moving part includes the weight of the manipulator itself and the weight of the grasped object. The change of the weight of moving parts has a great impact on the positioning accuracy. Generally, when the weight of moving parts increases, the positioning accuracy decreases. Therefore, the design should not only reduce the weight of the moving parts themselves, but also consider the influence of the change of grasping weight during work.
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