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If the water tank water pipe breaks and leaks due to the vibration of the water mobile concrete mixer or the accident of the vehicle during the movement of the full-automatic feeding mixer, the method can be adopted according to the specific situation: when the leakage does not exceed 1mm crack or 2mm hole, add a bottle of water tank plugging agent to the water tank, and it is recommended to work in the car. 5 ~ 10 minutes after opening the initial large circulation of cooling water, there will be intermittent leakage in the water tank, rubber pipe and everywhere pad in the cooling system. After the leakage is stopped, it does not need to be discharged, which will not affect the heat dissipation and blockage.
Error 1: the lubricating oil of the fully automatic feeding mixer truck is often added without changing
Often check that the lubricating oil of the mixer truck is accurate, but it can only compensate for the lack of oil quantity without replacement, but it can not fully compensate for the loss of lubricating oil function. The quality of lubricating oil of concrete mixer truck will gradually decline due to pollution, oxidation and other factors, and there will be some consumption together, which will reduce the quantity.
Error 2: additives are of great use
Really excellent lubricating oil is a finished product with a variety of protection functions of mixer. The formula already contains a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, and the lubricating oil pays attention to the balance of the formula to ensure the full play of various functions. Adding other additives by themselves can not bring rated protection to the vehicle, but it is easy to react with chemicals in the engine oil, resulting in the decline of the general function of the engine oil.
Error 3: when the lubricating oil of the mixer turns black, it's time to change the oil
Not all of this is known. As for the lubricating oil without noise dispersant, the color blackening is indeed a manifestation of the serious transformation of the oil, but the lubricating oil used by the mixer is generally added with noise decomposition agent. This kind of noisy agent washes the rubber film and black carbon deposit adhered to the piston and dissipates them in the oil to reduce the generation of high-temperature sediment in the mixer. Therefore, the color of the lubricating oil turns slightly black after being used for a period of time, but the oil product does not completely degenerate at this time.
Error 4: if you can add more lubricating oil to the mixer, you can add more
The amount of lubricating oil should be controlled between the upper and lower scale lines of the oil dipstick. Due to too much lubricating oil, it will rush into the combustion chamber from the space between the cylinder and the piston to burn and form carbon deposition. These carbon deposits will advance the compression ratio of the mixer and add the tendency of detonation; The carbon deposit in the cylinder is in a red hot state, which also slightly causes early combustion. If it falls into the cylinder, it will aggravate the wear of the cylinder and piston, and accelerate the pollution of lubricating oil. Secondly, the excessive lubricating oil of the mixer adds the mixing resistance of the crankshaft connecting rod, which increases the fuel consumption.


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