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1. Set the main parameters of off load working hours
4方自送料混凝土搅拌车因料斗内没法改装料位机,因此 制造行业基础都是有時间操纵。怎么设置時间主要参数,左右料时间设置其实不是很难,在次应用时,先设定一个小的时候,随后依据每一次吸料部位渐渐地加,当做到料位做到吸料口的時间,再减掉一秒便是有效時间。
Because the hopper of 4-square self feeding concrete mixer can't be refitted with level machine, the manufacturing industry has time to operate. How to set the main parameters of time is not very difficult. In the first application, first set a small time, and then add it gradually according to each suction position. When the material level reaches the suction port, then subtract one second is the effective time.
The feeding time is one second after the discharge. There are two advantages to doing that: first, the material level is too high, which will cause great damage to the filter element. For some customers, one filter element can be used for two years, and some can be used for more than half a year. The second is that the material can be put neatly every time. When the opening valve is turned off, it is not easy to turn off the material cutting valve. When the material cutting valve is turned on or off five or six times a minute, the power supply can be turned on or off.
2.4 is the demand of self feeding concrete mixer suitable?
我们的很多类别都运用手动式枪来运用原材料枪吸脂原材料。以便有利于将原材料枪插入原材料枪或原材料袋,原材料枪的吸进口被硬质的材料缩紧,柔弱的空气压力将全部原材料打开。4方自送料混凝土搅拌车会毁坏,非常容易阻塞管路。恰当的方式 是,原材料在吸进口与气体组成毫无疑问的汽液混和比,并在气旋的推动下均值地注入进加料器。这时,您要求设计方案具备清洁器特性的枪械。在这里一点上,喷漆枪要求一个震荡器来催毁聚会活动的材料,倘若材料库存积压时间过长,这可以十分困难。
Many of our categories use manual guns to use raw material gun liposuction raw materials. In order to facilitate the insertion of the raw material gun into the raw material gun or the raw material bag, the suction inlet of the raw material gun is tightened by the hard material, and the soft air pressure will open all the raw materials. The 4-square self feeding concrete mixer will be damaged, and it is very easy to block the pipeline. The proper way is that the raw material at the suction inlet and the gas make up the undoubted vapor-liquid mixing ratio, and under the push of the cyclone, it is injected into the feeder averagely. At this time, you need to design a gun with cleaner characteristics. At this point, the spray gun requires a vibrator to destroy the materials for the party. If the material inventory is too long, it can be very difficult.
In the practice of 4-square self feeding concrete mixer, some problems can not be avoided.
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