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1. For newly purchased vehicles, if they are used for about 50 hours for the first time, it is necessary to check the tightening of bolts. It includes the connecting bolts between the tank head and the reducer, the connecting bolts between the reducer base and the front stage, the connecting bolts between the tugboat base and the frame, and the connecting bolts between the auxiliary beam and the girder. In the future, it is necessary to ensure regular inspection once a month.
2. We should clean the dirt on the roller and raceway at least once a month; The lubricating grease is injected into the supporting roller through the oil nozzle on the supporting roller. And make sure that the transmission shaft is lubricated at least once a month.
3. Hydraulic system components, this place has high precision. In particular, the mixer hydraulic pump is easy to maintain, but the requirements are very high. The hydraulic oil should be changed regularly, the first 500 hours, after 2000 hours or at least once a year, the filter element should be changed at the same time. Remember that the engine must be stopped when refueling or changing oil, otherwise the hydraulic system will be damaged.
4. Every day before driving, check whether the lubricating oil on the joint surface of the roller and the raceway is dry, and replenish it in time to maintain a good lubricating effect. Every time before the vehicle starts, check the oil level of the cooler and reducer to ensure that the oil level indication is within the visual range; Check the sealing condition of the hydraulic oil circuit, keep the hydraulic system clean and sealed, so as to avoid dust particles and water polluting the hydraulic oil of the system, causing the system not to work normally or damage.


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