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  Sometimes when driving the automatic concrete feeding mixer, there will be flameout. Here are several ways to solve the problem of flameout of automatic concrete feeding mixer.
  1. Turn on the oil tank switch, remove the oil inlet pipe of the oil delivery pump and check the oil flow. If the oil flow is fast, it indicates that it is normal. If the oil flow is intermittent, continue to check the oil circuit.
  2. After the low-pressure oil flow is smooth, the air in the oil circuit can be removed by hand pump, and the air release screw at the pump head can be opened until there is no bubble.
  3. After confirming that the oil circuit is smooth and there is no air in the diesel engine supply system, the cover plate of the oil pump can be disassembled, the control handle is pulled, and the pull rod of the oil pump is pulled to see whether the pull rod is flexible and whether the plunger spring is broken. Under the condition that the pull rod is flexible and the plunger spring is not broken, the diesel engine can be started to run at medium speed for 10 minutes. In case of fire interruption, a copper hammer can be used to gently tap the big nut of the oil delivery pump, and listen to the sound of the diesel engine at the same time. If the sound is abnormal, it indicates that the piston and push rod of the fuel pump are jammed and repaired or replaced.
  4. If not, it should be considered that the nozzle is not atomized, the plunger spring and spring seat of the oil pump are broken, stuck and not working, or there is water in the diesel oil. Remove the nozzle assembly to check the opening pressure and atomization. If the nozzle assembly is normal, the user can fill the pot with clean diesel oil and conduct the test with the oil way side connection method. If there is still the phenomenon of off fire, it should be considered that it is an engine problem.
  5. Remove the fuel injector assembly and rotate the crankshaft for several turns, which means that there are cracks or sand holes in the cylinder head and cylinder block. In case of this situation, explain to the user or report to the diesel engine company. If it is an engine problem, it will not be described.
  In case of automatic concrete feeding mixer flameout problem, according to the above method for repair, I hope it can bring you help.


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