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In the process of using the self feeding mixing conveyor, if the operation and use of the equipment are to be improved and the good performance of the equipment is to be maintained, the mixer needs to be properly maintained. However, there are some precautions during maintenance. Let's understand it easily.
1. When cleaning the machine, only wipe the electric box, not flush the electric box.
2. To adjust the sealing sleeve of the main shaft sealing ring, it is necessary to separate the pump core from the oil supply support, and then tighten the three screws. Standard configuration after tightening the screw: use 8 inches to easily pull the screw of the spindle.
3. When moving the machine on the construction site, no matter how far away it is, unplug the power cord first.
4. When the machine is running, it is necessary to close and lock the door of the electric box to prevent dust and moisture from entering and damaging the machine components.
5. The bearing pedestal shall be filled with oil every day before and after work, and the transmission oil shall be checked frequently.
6. Each time the pump core is cleaned, a small amount of silicone oil needs to be added to prevent lubrication and puncture. The purpose is to prevent the rotor core from rusting and start smoothly next time.
Since the all-in-one self feeding mixing and conveying machine adopts full hydraulic technology, it is necessary to consider the quality of hydraulic foresight to understand whether all hydraulic technologies are advanced. Since the power comes from the engine, in addition to the performance and quality of the engine, it is also necessary to consider the performance, bearing capacity and quality of the vehicle chassis. In order to strictly carry out maintenance, vehicle equipment maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the correct operation process.
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