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The emergence and use of automatic loading mixer can provide a lot of convenience for various engineering construction. These are the credit of automatic loading mixer, which improves the operation efficiency of the equipment to the extent of use. If users want to ensure the service performance of the automatic feeding mixer, one of the important accessories is the transmission shifter. If each accessory is used for a long time, there will be some problems. How to repair it after it is damaged? Let me explain.
1. Causes of clutch damage of automatic feeding mixer truck when the clutch of power shift transmission is engaged, the pressure of hydraulic oil overcomes the spring force to press the friction plate tightly. With the increase of hydraulic oil pressure, the friction plate contacts with the metal plate and gradually compresses, so that the clutch smoothly transmits the flywheel power to the transmission input shaft. During each shift, the friction plate will rub with the steel plate, and the heat generated will be dissipated by the coolant.
When the friction plate and steel plate become thinner, more hydraulic oil is required in order to make them fully engaged. The engine must be further accelerated, and the sliding time of the friction plate on the steel plate will be prolonged, resulting in more friction heat, which will increase the temperature of the hydraulic oil. When the temperature is enough to change the performance of the seals in the transmission, the transmission will produce internal leakage. The internal leakage continues to cause the increase of heat from two aspects: the leakage of high-pressure oil through the damaged seal continues to increase the oil temperature;
Due to oil leakage, it is necessary for the hydraulic pump to deliver more oil to ensure the pressure required to engage the clutch and make the clutch fully engaged, which also requires the engine to continue to accelerate and make the hydraulic pump produce greater flow. Such a vicious cycle will inevitably lead to overheating or burning of the clutch until it is completely ineffective.
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